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You can't do a FindControl of a BoundField

Because boundfields are assigned names by .net, you can't do a FindControl of a BoundField by name.
Instead - you need to find controls using hardcoded field numbers.
It's ugly and clumsy, but works in a pinch.
See the example below.

Sub Find_my_DetailsView_BoundField_Controls()

        Dim i As Integer = 0
        Dim MyTBX As TextBox
        Dim MyLBL As Literal

        For Each dvr As DetailsViewRow In DetailsView1.Rows

            i = i + 1

            If dvr.Cells.Count = 2 Then
                If dvr.Cells(1).Controls.Count > 0 Then
                        MyTBX = dvr.Cells(1).Controls(0)  ' test to see if this control is a 'TEXTBOX' - if not - this will fail the try/catch

                        Select Case i
                            Case 9
                                TBX_field1 = MyTBX
                            Case 10
                                TBX_field2 = MyTBX
                            Case 11
                                TBX_field3 = MyTBX
                            Case 12
                                TBX_field4 = MyTBX
                        End Select
                    End Try

                End If

            End If

End Sub

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