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Procedure for permanently archiving reports

As you may know, there really is no method in Elite (using Elite-for-Windows) for permanently archiving (saving) reports. Elite reports seen in the Report Manager are intended to be deleted at some point, and saving them in Report Manager for too long a period causes other problems.

I created a procedure for permanently archiving reports. This procedure is available for any report that you may want to save permanently.

After exploring various options, I believe the best method is to copy the report file created on the local workstation (after "viewing" the report) to another directory. Then RENAME the file to some appropriate name so that you can find it later.

If you wish to re-print, but not re-print the entire report, bring up the saved report in "notepad", copy the desired text and paste it into a Word document. Then reformat the Word document for 8-pitch Courier New font and landscape orientation before printing. This only works if you do not want to print the entire document and if the report is not very wide.