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Elite custom report notes

The following information discusses the table layouts and 4GL changes necessary for implementing Custom Windows Reports (cusrep.exe).


The following are necessary 4GL changes for implementing windows custom report program (cusrep.exe):

Part I

The changes below to the eiselbs server will allow the server to start your report after the RUN button is pressed in cusrep.exe.

Note that you can test your custom report before making these changes. In cusrep.exe, use the STORE button to create repflt records but use the "update report settings only" radio button. Then use the RUN button, which will actually store the report in the repdflt table.

You can then check the repdflt records through the table report or dbaccess, and you can run your report from the command line (eg custom.4ge testreport). It is strongly recommended that the repdflt records are checked vs repdflt records generated from running your report interactively in UNIX.

1. elbslib.4gl, around line 1499 (with other WHEN statements starting with "C") WHEN "CUSTOM" CALL elbslib_rep("custom.4ge","F") RETURNING out1 2. elbslib1.4gl, around line 1208 (at beginning of FUNCTION elbslib_rep). Note that the "LET dummy =" lines were already there before. IF xreport2="F" THEN SELECT gen02,gen01 INTO xrep1,xreport FROM win_cust WHERE reportid=back_var[9] and rectype=1 IF STATUS=NOTFOUND THEN LET xdisplay = "Unknown custom report: ",back_var[9] CLIPPED LET out1="Failed" RETURN out1 ELSE LET xreport1=xrep1 CLIPPED,".4ge" END IF END IF LET dummy = xreport1 CLIPPED," ",back_var[3] CLIPPED," ",back_var[4] CLIPPED, " ",op_name CLIPPED," ",back_var[2] CLIPPED, " ",x_reportdir CLIPPED," ",login_nm CLIPPED," ",back_var[5] IF xreport2 = "F" THEN LET dummy = dummy CLIPPED," '",xreport CLIPPED,"'" END IF 3. Create the elbslib.a library by running 4. Rebuild the eiselbs server by running 5. Copy eiselbs to the elbs.prog directory and restart the eiselbs server. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Part II Some changes need to be made to your main programs to update the winoutstat table so that your custom reports will be shown by the process monitor (psmonitor.exe). A sample main program is shown below. The comments "NEW CODE" should be the new code which you can copy into your existing programs. If these changes are not made, your custom report will still run but the process monitor will not display them and the repdflt records will not be deleted. #This is the Main program for custom reports # Revisions: # 4/8/97 EL DATABASE son_db GLOBALS DEFINE op_initial CHAR(5), xname CHAR(20), op_level SMALLINT, informixver CHAR(5), print_option CHAR(1), p_cntlrec RECORD LIKE cntlrec.*, p_repdflt RECORD LIKE repdflt.*, iback SMALLINT, ar_back ARRAY[20] OF CHAR(80), #NEW CODE p_winoutstat RECORD LIKE winoutstat.*, x_reportdir CHAR(256), login_nm CHAR(20), x_pid INTEGER, iwaiting SMALLINT, iwinoutstat INTEGER #END NEW CODE END GLOBALS MAIN DEFINE isort,loop CHAR(1), p_tab1 RECORD LIKE tab1.*, #NEW CODE xreport LIKE winoutstat.woreport, user_nm LIKE uaccess.uname, xdisplay CHAR(512), xwoindex INTEGER, i INTEGER #END NEW CODE DEFER INTERRUPT CALL check_log() #Error logging file CALL startlog("errlog") #Set up the matter/timekeeper/client masks CALL setup_mask() LET iback = num_args() IF iback IS NULL THEN LET iback = 0 END IF IF iback>0 THEN FOR i=1 TO iback LET ar_back[i] = arg_val(i) DISPLAY "Report: ",ar_back[i] END FOR ###NEW CODE IF ar_back[7]="Y" THEN LET iwaiting = 1 LET xdisplay = "Running this report with WAITING" CALL debug_display(xdisplay) LET p_winoutstat.woindex = -1 ELSE LET iwaiting=0 END IF ###END NEW CODE SELECT * INTO p_repdflt.* FROM repdflt WHERE repname=ar_back[1] AND repline=1 IF status=NOTFOUND THEN DISPLAY "ERROR. Report name ",ar_back[1] CLIPPED," is not in the database." EXIT PROGRAM END IF IF p_repdflt.reptype[1,1]<>"F" THEN DISPLAY "ERROR. Report name ",ar_back[1] CLIPPED," is type ",p_repdflt.reptype CLIPPED,". This is not a Custom Report." EXIT PROGRAM END IF LET isort = p_repdflt.reptype[2] CLIPPED ###NEW CODE IF iwaiting=0 AND iback>1 THEN LET xreport = ar_back[8] LET xwoindex = NULL LET xdisplay = "Winoustat index: ",xwoindex IF xwoindex IS NULL THEN CALL upd_winoutstat(1,"RUNNING","Starting report","Custom Report",xreport) ELSE SELECT * INTO p_winoutstat.* FROM winoutstat WHERE woindex=xwoindex IF status=NOTFOUND THEN LET xdisplay = "No winoutstat record index ",xwoindex USING "<<<<<<<",". Exiting program." CALL debug_display(xdisplay) EXIT PROGRAM END IF LET p_winoutstat.wopid = x_pid LET p_winoutstat.wofile = p_repdflt.repdesc[1,40] CLIPPED CALL upd_winoutstat(3,"RUNNING","Starting report","matters/clients",xreport) END IF LET user_nm = ar_back[3] LET x_reportdir = arg_val(5) LET login_nm = arg_val(6) END IF ###END CODE END IF SET LOCK MODE TO WAIT IF iback=0 THEN OPEN FORM cus_menu FROM "custom" OPEN FORM ctl_help FROM "ring_men" OPTIONS HELP FILE "son_hlp.ex" END IF LET print_option = "s" SELECT * INTO p_tab1.* FROM tab1 WHERE findx MATCHES "1" IF status = NOTFOUND OR p_tab1.cuname MATCHES "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" OR MATCHES "XXXXXXXXXX" THEN DISPLAY "YOUR DATABASE IS NOT CORRECTLY SETUP" AT 10, 20 ATTRIBUTE (REVERSE) DISPLAY "CALL YOUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT REPRESENTATIVE" AT 11, 20 ATTRIBUTE (REVERSE) SLEEP 5 EXIT PROGRAM 1 END IF #Make the accept key F6 instead of escape -- vect2 is set in setup2.4ge IF p_tab1.vect2>0 THEN OPTIONS ACCEPT KEY F6 END IF #Initialize operator name and sort level to NULL LET op_initial = NULL CALL set_op() #Set up the Menu item labels CALL op_chk(0) #Load the control record for use in the reports SELECT * INTO p_cntlrec.* FROM cntlrec WHERE 1=1 LET loop = "c" IF iback=0 THEN CLEAR SCREEN END IF WHILE TRUE LET p_repdflt.repname = NULL LET p_repdflt.reptype = NULL IF iback = 0 THEN CLEAR SCREEN DISPLAY FORM cus_menu LET isort = NULL INPUT isort WITHOUT DEFAULTS FROM isort HELP 6110 END IF IF int_flag <> 0 OR isort IS NULL THEN EXIT WHILE END IF CASE (isort) WHEN "A" CALL sample1() END CASE IF iback > 0 THEN EXIT WHILE END IF END WHILE IF iback=0 THEN CLEAR SCREEN END IF #NEW CODE IF iback>1 THEN IF ar_back[2]="N" THEN CALL debug_display("Deleting repdflt records.") DELETE FROM repdflt WHERE repname=ar_back[1] END IF LET iwinoutstat = NULL IF iwaiting=0 THEN CALL upd_winoutstat(3,"COMPLETE","Report completed", "Custom Report"," ") END IF END IF #END NEW CODE EXIT PROGRAM 0 END MAIN _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Win_Cust Table Overview Columns Name Description Type Size Nulls report_id unique report identifier char 20 yes rectype determines type of record integer yes recseq sequential order items will appear integer yes backnum the back var number integer yes gen01 general data information char 80 yes ... ... char 80 yes gen19 general data information char 80 yes gen20 general data information char 256 yes Table Index Name Description Fields i_wincust1 unique, non-clustered 3 Fields: reportid, Ascending rectype, Ascending recseq, Ascending _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Win_Cust Table Detail Column Name reportid The unique identifier for a set of custom report records. recseq The numeric sequence data items (rectype 4 only) will appeear in the grid. backnum The back-var number that will be passed to the back-end program (rectype 4 only). rectype Determines what information gen1 to gen20 will contain. See below. gen1 to gen20 General purpose fields, use based on rectype. See below. Record type General purpose fields 1 Main report information gen01 Menu description gen02 4ge program to run gen03 Internal repdflt.reptype name for the report gen04 Active/Inactive (A = display on report menu, I = do not display) gen05 Security setting ( an expression from uacess or a usmaster setting , urept1>50) gen06 Menu Sort Order - Reports will be sorted by gen06, gen01 2 Options Record gen01 Sort type (T=Timekeep sort, M=Matter sort) gen02 QBE type (T=Timekeep, M=Matter, MH=Matter Historical, TH=Timekeep Historical). Pipe multiple requests together. gen03 Allow multi-currency (Y,N) gen04 Allow data warehousing (Y,N) - Not Implemented gen05 Allow alternate numeric formats (Y,N) gen06 Date options (DD=Date Range,PP=Period Range,DDPP=Dates or Periods) - Optional gen07 Column width of report - Optional gen08 Query name from Query Builder for custom QBE - will overide gen02 setting gen09 Determine how qbe is passed to repdflt, 1=Send gen20, 2=pipe delimeted parts gen20 Qbe to be passed to repdflt 3 Back_Var Information gen01 Number of back_vars for report gen02 Back_var assigned to start date* gen03 Back_var assigned to end date* gen04 Back_var assigned to other date 1* gen05 Back_var assigned to other date 2* gen06 Back_var assigned to start period* gen07 Back_var assigned to end period* gen08 Back_var assigned to other period 1* gen09 Back_var assigned to other period 2* * These setting are optional. If set, date/period validation will occur and soft dates will be passed 4 Variable Information gen01 Type (D=Date,P=Period,C=Char,N=Numeric,Y=Yes/No,T=Text Only,L=List) gen02 Characteristics (Length for Chars, Format for dates) gen03 Default Value* gen04 Required (Y/N) gen05 Field Label gen06 Validation Table (Must be used with validation column) gen07 Validation Column (Must be used with validation table) gen08 Validation Column2 (Not used) gen09 Query Name (Used in right mouse click qbe and in validating the data value) gen10 Min Value gen11 Max Value gen12 Short Validation List (Not used for validation, free text for information only) gen13 Dependant Parent Info (the backnum followed by a "." and a delimited list of values) User entry allowed for this variable if the parent backnum is one of the values in the list gen14 Short help displayed in the status bar gen20 A delimited list of values for gen01 type L(List) Use code.description,code.description etc. Dropdown list will default to first item. * The Default Value entered for the user is dependant on the gen01 Type. Refer to the following table: Keyword Data Type Description TODAY D System date TODAY P Billing period in which the system date falls CURR D If the system date falls within the current period, use period.peendt. Otherwise use the system date CURR P Current period taken from control default BEGYR D First day of the year of the system date BEGYR P Period that contains the first day of the year of the system date BEGYRF D Period begin date of the start of the fiscal year period (cntlrec.crfiscal) BEGRYF P Fiscal begin period (cntlrec.crfiscal) ################################################################################