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This program is used to erase time and costs globally, particularly in the case of inadvertent duplicate loads of time and cost files. In the past, duplicate finalized records were handled by going into dbaccess and using SQL statements to change the status to E and delete any audit and glpost records, requiring a Check History tables be run in order to update the history tables. This Global Erase program is designed to obviate that procedure. Note: This program DOES NOT DELETE any records.

When the Global Erase program is used, the records are updated with a bill status of E, appropriate audit and glpost records are created and the history tables are updated accordingly. After the audit records have been created by the Global Erase program, it is necessary to gather them into an audit batch and then finalize the audit batch in order to post the glpost records to the general ledger. Note: This step is the same as if the user modified each record manually.

This program is not available through the Elite menus. It must be run from a command line using the following syntax:

tc_erase.4ge timecard "tmatter='1000-001'" SCAN RC >repfile.out

To run this program in background, enter the syntax is as follows:

nohup tc_erase.4ge timecard "matter='1000-001'" SCAN RC >repfile.out &