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I need to restore an Informix mirror

(under HP/UX).

HP has a feature called "predictive index" that attempts to predict problems on the system. This program alerted us to disk reporting non-terminal EEC errors, so HP wanted to replace the disk. This disk happened to be used as an Informix mirror for a chunk.

Informix mirroring isn't used much these days. There are better solutions to mirroring, such as RAID systems, hardware controller mirroring or HP mirror software built into the OS. But this was an older system, configured when those solutions were not as popular, so Informix mirroring had been configured.

As a result of the above, plus the reliability of HP equipment in general, I know in theory how to restore a mirrored disk, but I hadn't actually ever really DONE it. So, this is how it went. It was a breeze!

Note: this disk hadn't offically failed (it was still marked as UP by Informix), but I expect to wouldn't be much different if it had been marked down to begin with.